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American Boy 1927-11

American Boy 1927-11.jpg ThumbnailsCampbell's Tomato Soup -1920AThumbnailsCampbell's Tomato Soup -1920AThumbnailsCampbell's Tomato Soup -1920AThumbnailsCampbell's Tomato Soup -1920A

Young Puritan early American has fired his musket at a turkey, but when he runs up to collect it he discovers it has also been shot with an arrow by an unseen Indian hunter. He is nonplussed, to say the least. "The Inside Story of a Big Game," by the Yale and Princeton Quarterbacks. Also items by or about Russ Farrell, Jim Tierney, Lex Brassgat, Douglas Renfrew, and Jibbie Jones.

Artist: Walter Beach Humphrey

Source: eBay seller daysoffuturepast, who also sells printed materials from her personal website.

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