A photojournalism magazine centering around partly undressed women and war and politics; aimed at men. This run, complete into 1956, was collected by Croaker, largely from eBay listings from a single seller who is credited on the issues. For the first year it carried the subtitle "Picture Thrills," but then began to aim a bit upscale. According to the Magazine Data File, it was a Ned Pines publication, as by Literary Enterprises, until about 1960. In 1956 it was transformed into a "men's sweat" magazine, and by 1957 called itself SEE: THE NEW MAGAZINE FOR MEN. From March of 1960 into at least 1964 it was published by Excellent Publications in New York, but that could have been a Pines imprint. By 1967 a similar magazine with the title SEE was being published in Arizona.

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