Occident Flour -1911A.jpg Northwestern Yeast -1929AThumbnailsPillsbury Flour -1933ANorthwestern Yeast -1929AThumbnailsPillsbury Flour -1933ANorthwestern Yeast -1929AThumbnailsPillsbury Flour -1933ANorthwestern Yeast -1929AThumbnailsPillsbury Flour -1933ANorthwestern Yeast -1929AThumbnailsPillsbury Flour -1933A

A fourth-wall violation, as the woman representing the modern housewife reaches into the wall painting of a wheat harvest and grabs a handful of stalks of grain...and what huge kernels on the heads. At the bottom is shown one of the twelve famous Occident mills, probably in South Dakota, where the grain is made into flour. Lots of words for the more expensive flour, and worth it. Curiousity. Try. From the May 1, 1911 issue of the LADIES' HOME JOURNAL.

Source: Charles Perrien

Restoration by: Charles Perrien