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Kingsford's Corn Starch -1910A

Kingsford_s Corn Starch -1910A.jpg Kellogg's All-Bran -1927AThumbnailsNorthwestern Yeast -1929AKellogg's All-Bran -1927AThumbnailsNorthwestern Yeast -1929AKellogg's All-Bran -1927AThumbnailsNorthwestern Yeast -1929A

Black woman cook brought recipe for great Southern style corn muffins when she came up from the Old South. Tea biscuit, Gems, and Waffles among 168 recipes in free Cook Book P, "What a Cook Ought to Know About Corn Starch." She looks to be in style of Leyendecker. Published in the September, 1910 issue of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING.

Source: Mariangela Buch

Restoration by: Mariangela Buch