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First of a year's worth of Stutz ads from AMERICAN MERCURY shows classic side view of the full-sized limousine model. With advanced safety features, Stutz aims to make its cars stand out. In future ads it will harp on Safety as its watchword, claiming that 1926 is as major a design change year as 1924 was. Beginning in July of 1926 the ads changed from simply showing the car, to showing it in a traveling context with lots of background. The February, 1927 and some later ads were signed by Edmund Davenport, and it is likely that some of the earlier scenic ads were also by him. Davenport was better known for his color work in cover designs for a wide variety of magazines, as a search on this site or on Google will show.
Published in the June, 1926 issue of AMERICAN MERCURY.


Source: Physical Archives

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