OxydonorInstrument-1911A.jpg Oxydonor "Victory" -1896AThumbnailsPandiculator -1920AOxydonor "Victory" -1896AThumbnailsPandiculator -1920AOxydonor "Victory" -1896AThumbnailsPandiculator -1920AOxydonor "Victory" -1896AThumbnailsPandiculator -1920AOxydonor "Victory" -1896AThumbnailsPandiculator -1920A

Ad for the Oxydonor Instrument, from the October, 1911 issue of COSMOPOLITAN. Oxydonor was a notorious piece of quackery, comprising a metal tube filled with carbon, and a wire. Dr. Sanche fled to Montreal to avoid prosecution in the US


Source: Mariangela Buch

Restoration by: Michael Ward