The monthly magazine of the American Forestry Association, about forests: managing them, improving them, using them for recreation and production, understanding them philosophically and scientifically. If it's about forests, this is the magazine. Began in 1895 as NEW JERSEY FORESTER, but changed to THE FORESTER with the fourth issue. In 1901 it merged with NATIONAL IRRIGATION to become FORESTRY AND IRRIGATION. In 1908 it was renamed CONSERVATION, and renamed again in 1910, to AMERICAN FORESTRY. In 1924 the name changed again, to AMERICAN FORESTS AND FOREST LIFE. In 1930 they shortened the name to AMERICAN FORESTS, and it is still published under this name today. This history is summarized from the Online Books Page for the magazine, which contains links to various volumes of the magazine for which the contents (though hardly ever the covers) are online.