Ads for technical books, aimed partly at the new scientists and engineers, but mostly at the technical hobbyists of the day, were a mainstay of the technical magazines. They sometimes even ran in general-circulation titles, when public interest was high in some new technical field like radio or automobiles.
  • Armstrong Super-Regenerative Circuit Book -1922A 2297 visits Armstrong Super-Regenerative Circuit Book -1922A
  • Complete Radio Book -1922A 4 visits Complete Radio Book -1922A
  • Construction of Super-Regenerative Receivers -1922A 2410 visits Construction of Super-Regenerative Receivers -1922A
  • Experimenter Publishing Company -1921A 1543 visits Experimenter Publishing Company -1921A
  • Model T Ford Car Book -1916A 2268 visits Model T Ford Car Book -1916A
  • Modern Radio Receiving Sets -1922A 1734 visits Modern Radio Receiving Sets -1922A
  • Radio Enters the Home -1922A 2364 visits Radio Enters the Home -1922A