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SHADOWLAND was a magazine about the Dance, but the most striking thing about it today is the set of covers in a unique, dreamy, deco style by A. M. Hopfmüller. It was published by Brewster Publications, apparently 1919-23. Many more covers can be found in this blog entry by JTK. A few more appear on (which has plenty of other movie magazine covers as well), which says it was absorbed by MOTION PICTURE CLASSIC in November, 1923. They list the following other magazines published by Brewster Publications (founded by Eugene V. Brewster):

STAR ALBUM (40s) (1940s?)

A number of issues contained illustratons by Vargas:
1922 Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Aug, Sept
1923 May, Mar, July

The following description of the January, 1923 issue is from a 2006 eBay listing, reproduced on the site:

Shadowland Magazine, the "Cadillac" of Brewster publications, from January, 1923 (Volume VII, No. 5) with a scene by A.M. Hopfmüller on the cover.

Contents include: "The Stage Setting and Costumes from the Boudoir Ballet of Norman Bel Geddes"; portrait "Gracia" by C. Bosseron Chambers; "Nocturne" by Eugene V. Brewster; "Morning" by Joseph Stella; article "Joseph Stella - A Romantic Decorator Who Exhorts the Artist to Derive His Motif from His Own Life and Surroundings" by Thomas Craven; "Ah, Italy ! Thy Fatal Beauty"; portraits of Louise Cartouche by Edith Barakovich, and Etta Lee by Paul Grenbeaux; "Women - Three Types Expressed in Three Mediums" by Guy Rowe; "Reflections" by Charles Hadden Parker; "Jests and Visions" by Benjamin De Casseres; "Why Helen Wept" by Harry Kemp; "An Experiment in Music Culture" by Edward Hungerford; "The Rehearsal" by James Wallace Pondelicek, "In Periwig and Pearls" A Camera study of Ethelynd Terry by J. Willett; "Decorative Leather from Amsterdam"; Hazel Lindsley by Edward E. Jacobsen; "The Economics of Experiment" by Walter Prichard Eaton, Illustrations by Everett Henry; Photo by James Wallace Pondelicek; "Czech Puppets With a History" Photographs by Sherril Schell; Yvonne George By Abbe; "The Toast of the Continent" with pix of Charlotte Waldow, Endja Mogout and Catherine Brunner; "American Civic Opera - An Experiment in Chicago" by Jerome Hart, with pix of Angelo Minghetti, Edith Mason, and Amelita Galli-Curci; "The Dancers"; "Litterateurs of Modernism" by Burton Rascoe with pic of Aldous Huxley; "Other Beverages Should Be Prohibited" with sketches by Henkel; portrait of Laurette Taylor by Victor Georg; "Insects, Actors, and Frankensteins" by Kenneth Macgowan with sketch of Charles Quartermaine, Diana Bourbon, Jeanette Sherwin, Cathryn Young, Felix Aylmer, H.G. Stoker and James Dale in 'Loyalties' by Reginald Marsh; "Expressionism by the Modern Child"; "The Modern Child in Sculpture" with sculptures by Mario Korbel, Polygnatis Vagis, Frederick C. Guinzberg, and F. Petrie Collin; "Honors Are Even" with pix of Madame Louise Homer Stires with her Mother, Marjorie Kummer, Clare Kummer, and Grace Hazard Conkling with her daughter Hilda; "The World's Greatest Failures" by Maurice S. Sullivan, Sketches by Eldon Kelly - sketches of Charlie Chaplin, Mary Garden, and Sarah Bernhardt; portrait of Mlle. Theo Hewes with M. Symanski by James Wallace Pondelicek; pic of "The Oaks" by Sophie Marston Brennan; "Sculpture in Porcelain" with sculptures by Lois Whitcomb Rhead; "The Buffoon ballet of Larionow" by Barrett H. Clark; pic of Wanda Grazer by Howard C. Cloyes; "Portrait of a Woman of Forty" by Helen Woljeska; "The Camera Contest" with pix by Charles J. McManus, W.H. Zerbe, K.B. Lambert, Irving Levy, C. Kuentzel, and Dr. F. Detlefson; portrait of Ruth Page with Hubert Stowitts by Maurice Goldberg; "Wanderings" by The Man About Town with pic of Hugh Walpole; "Famous Stradivari" by J.C. Freeman with pix of J.C. Freeman, and Fritz Kreisler; "The Comic page" by Frederick Hugh; "Knights of the Knapsack" with pix of Carl Clausen, Charles Wellington Furlong, Harry Franck, and Harry Kemp; portrait of Myrta Bonillas by Maurice Goldberg; "Old Laces as Collecting Objects" by W.G. Bowdoin; photo "The Dog Speaks" by Robert Flaherty; Zita Moulton for The Lonsdale Shop; A Cameera Study of Miriam Battista by George Lawrence Nelson; "Echoes of the Jungle" by Franklin H. Hitchcock; pic of Cesare Formichi; ad for Corliss Palmer Powder; and much more. All my magazines are complete and intact unless otherwise noted. This one is in good shape - usual wear and soiling, one minor (1") tear on one page - otherwise OK. Buyer to pay $5.00 Cardboard Mailer Priority Mail S&H in USA - overseas higher. Due to the large number of deadbeats, unfortunately payment must be made by PAYPAL ONLY.

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