First published in pocket size (approx. 5.5" x 7.5") in December, 1915 as EVERYDAY MECHANICS, the magazine broadened its appeal and changed its name to EVERYDAY ENGINEERING in early 1917, and went to larger format (8.375" x 11.875") in the Fall of 1917. The last issue was published in November 1920, but we don't know if it simply disappeared or if it was combined into another magazine.

Published monthly for the first two issues, December 1915 and January 1916; then bimonthly until September 1916; after that, monthly (except Nov.-Dec. 1919) until the last issue November 1920. Total: 44 issues. On MagazineArt.org: 32 of the 44 issues.

Publisher's information from Tables of Contents / Mastheads:

[1917]: Published monthly by Everyday Mechanics Co., Inc., 33 West 42nd St., New York, N.Y. Single copies 10 cents; subscription $1.00 per year. Edited by Thomas Stanley Curtis. Advertising Manager, Stephen Roberts.

Some contents of the April 1917 issue (no author credits on ToC page):

The Wireless Control of Submarines and Torpedoes
St. Louis Reader Builds Model EM1
The Equipment of an Experimental Engineer's Workshop
How to Make a Sun-Dial
Concerning Lathe Centers

[1920]: Published monthly by Everyday Mechanics Company, Inc., 2 West 45th St., New York, N.Y. Single copies 20 cents; subscription price $2.00 a year.

Managing Editor: Victor W. Pagé
Science Editor: Prof. T. O'Conor Sloane
Radio Editor: M. B. Sleeper
Radio Engineering: L. M. Clement
Manual Arts and Crafts: Chas. E. Muller
Advertising Manager: Stephen Roberts

Full contents of the July 1920 issue (most of the credited feature articles were written by the magazine's staff):

Common Causes of Automobile Noises—Part 1
Modern Precision Measurements
Electrons and the Constitution of the Chemical Atom
Jet Propulsion for Motor Boats
Heat Treating Alloy Steels—Part 3
Domestic Illuminating Engineering
A Compressed Air Driven Monoplane
How to Make a Compressed Air Motor
A Six-Cylinder Air Motor
Model Steam Engine and Boiler Construction—Part 1
Gas Heated Soldering Copper
Switches and Cut Outs
A Miniature Railroad System
Shop Practice
Napier's Rods and Their Use
The Everyday Motorist
How to Test Engines for Horsepower
Extruded Metal
Uniflow Steam Engine—Pickling and Cleaning Castings
Electrical Progress Digest
Special Appliances for Expediting Automobile Repairing
Burning Pulverized Fuel
Aviation Briefs
Manual Arts and Crafts
Photograph Projector Made from Camera
Everyday Science Notes
Two-Step Audio Frequency Amplifier
The Radio Department
Radio Equipment for Small Boats
Tapping Single Layer Inductances
New Radio Apparatus
Knobs for Radio Equipment
A Simple Method of Measuring Inductances of Low Frequencies
The Bureau of Standards Radio Classification
Semi-Luminous Paint
Book Review

Library of Congress call number: T1.E97. No other information in their online catalog.

Cover artists, as known, all from signatures on cover art; no notation means that we have not seen that issue:

  • 1915
  • December:

  • 1916
  • January:
  • March: Waller Parker
  • May:
  • July:
  • September: [no signature found]
  • October:
  • November: [no signature found]
  • December:

  • 1917
  • January: Waller Parker
  • February:
  • March: Waller Parker
  • April: Waller Parker
  • May:
  • June: L. M. Greicy [?]
  • July:
  • August: [photograph]
  • September:
  • October: [no signature found]
  • November:
  • December: Howard V. Brown

  • 1918
  • January: Howard V. Brown
  • February:
  • March: Howard V. Brown
  • April: Howard V. Brown
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
  • August:
  • September: Frank W. Harth
  • October: O. W. ? [signed with initials in mark]
  • November: "L+S" [signed with initials]
  • December:

  • 1919
  • January: No signature found
  • February:
  • March: Howard V. Brown
  • April: Howard V. Brown
  • May:
  • June: Howard V. Brown
  • July:
  • August: Howard V. Brown
  • September: Howard V. Brown
  • October: Howard V. Brown
  • November-December: Howard V. Brown

  • 1920
  • January: Howard V. Brown
  • February:
  • March: Howard V. Brown
  • April: Howard V. Brown
  • May:
  • June: Howard V. Brown
  • July: Howard V. Brown
  • August: Howard V. Brown
  • September:
  • October: Howard V. Brown
  • November: Howard V. Brown

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  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
  • University of Chicago, Illinois
  • University of Illinois, Illinois
  • Detroit Public Library, Michigan
  • Linda Hall Library, Missouri
  • Columbia University, New York
  • New York Public Library, New York
  • University of Oregon, Oregon


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